Your credit agreement

When you accept your loan offer from a lender within the CreditMyFunds™ network, as soon as you sign your loan paperwork, you enter a legal and binding contractual agreement directly with that lender and that there are non-payment implications. Each lender within our network has their own individual policies and guidelines that shape how their business operates. This means that lenders may work differently from one and other, and may have different collection practices for dealing with late or non-payment of loans.

It’s important that before you sign your paperwork, you understand the terms of the loan offer, that you can afford to meet the repayments on the dates specified, and what will happen if you fail to meet agreed repayments. It is your responsibility to make sure your repayments are made as per your signed paperwork. Late payments or missed payments may lead to late fees being added to your account, your late or non-payments being reported to credit reference agencies, your account being sent to a collections agency, legal action being taken against you, or any other action laid out within the terms of your loan agreement.

Lenders do however understand that changes of circumstances sometimes do happen. If your circumstances change in any way, affecting your ability to meet your repayments on time, please contact your lender as soon as possible to let them know. You will find their contact details on your loan paperwork.